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JWT Meetings/Minutes09November30


  • Marc Dutoo
  • Florian Lautenbacher
  • Christian Saad
  • Benjamin Honke


  • 4pm to 5.45pm


Request for Meta Model changes

  • New colleague at University of Augsburg, Benjamin, works on software development processes
  • Transformation between EPF (SPEM) and JWT implemented
  • implemented first version in ATL, experienced problems, now switched to Java
  • Further extensions planned in the future
  • Propoed changes in the metamodel:
  • Change relation from Action to ReferenceableElement and move them up to ExecutableNode, so StructuredActivityNodes and ActivityLinkNodes can also have Data, Application or Roles. Only makes sense for input and output data, probably not for Roles and Applications.
  • Use cases for metamodel changes, if applications and roles are needed.
  • Discussed change of applications package: additional applications in Scarbo: ScriptApplication, etc.; uses JAR for web services, too; must be considered for refactoring
  • If changes should be performed, first ask on mailing list whether anybody has problems with that, then change it accordingly as planned

Release planning

  • 2009-12-18 is scheduled for v0.7 - the participants discussed what needs to be done before
  • Marc has client project until 11th
  • Still long to do list on Bugzilla, testing still required, Chris, hence, not sure whether release should be done in December --> Some discussions during the telco
  • Release process on wiki page: todo Florian
  • Chris and Marc will lead the release themselves, Florian will give hints when to do what (wiki page)
  • Florian, Marc and Chris will work on tests.
  • Discussion result: we stick to the scheduled date and try to finish everything in time. If we don't make it till middle of December, then middle of January would not be a problem either.

JWT in Eclipse SOA (former STP)

  • Current status?
  • Still discussing about charter, probably nothing more;
  • Marc asks members of soa-iwg (Zsolt, Oisin, Stephane) about progress (need +1)
  • Marc: ask Wayne about combination of Move and Release review

Further development concerning AOM

  • Marc emailed Jean-Marc about other possibilities to implement AOM (Kermeta)
  • Discussions about an own EMFT-project, etc. - but no resources right now
  • Marc will send emails to all interested persons on JWT mailing list

EclipseCon CfP

  • Shall we propose new presentations there?
  • Chris proposed to submit talks to EclipseCon similar to ESE, but improved of course
  • Marc mentions that talks with other people would be good
  • Maybe include a talk about AOM, some refined talk concerning the one presented at ESE
  • Talk about view mechanism would also be interesting in a talk
  • Aspects and views in combination, e.g. with EPC-view
  • Florian suggests to propose three or more talks in order to get one accepted
  • Combination with Eclipse SOA, Marc will ask on the mailing list
  • Titles are important

News Uni Augsburg

  • Uni Augsburg is now official Eclipse Member
  • Florian submitted his Ph.D. thesis, also describes some underlying ideas and extensions of JWT there; will be published soon

News Open Wide

  • client project until December, 11, 2009, working on Scarbo and Petals
  • some things work, some don't; still in progress
  • research project proposals go further, but no yet okay

Release Train Helios

  • nothing happening for Eclipse SOA TLP right now, JWT needs to make their own progress for the release train
  • currently 3rd milestone in December, our old build is included in the standard build right now
  • not too much to do right now, necessity comes up in a few months;
  • STP uses Buckminster, not CBI Athena; Chris might ask Oisin about their build system
  • But of course it is not mandatory to use the same system as STP, Chris had a look at Athena, seems to be easy to accomplish. Probably, use Athena instead; maybe there is already a release engineer for Eclipse SOA, who can then do the work
  • Release train for e4. Not interesting at the moment.

Future telcos

  • Chris will organize the future telcos. Florian will step back here, too.
  • Next telco will happen at the 16th of December. Florian will give Chris the details about everything related to these telcos.

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