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JWT Meetings/Minutes09May20


  • M. Dutoo
  • M. Istria
  • C. Saad
  • F. Lautenbacher


4.10 - 5.45pm


JWT Press

  • German Eclipse Magazine article will be published at the end of May
  • We are already asked for a second article
  • Marc will add some publication slides
  • Second version of Scarbo, shipped as RCP, this will get a press release (in OW2), too.
  • New version of Scarbo now available, try it and download it (better performance, more usable, better branding, etc.), give feedback; TODO: Chris, Florian

JWT 0.6 Release Review slides

  • Release review slides nearly finished
  • Only small set of slides missing, re-use of EclipseCon and EFE-slides
  • Release review slides due to 29th of May, 10th of June review date
  • Florian committed IP-log to IP-team

Galileo end game

  • Deadlines: 27th May, RC2, latest one 17th of June
  • Branding technically done, links for tutorial missing
  • [New & Noteworthy]: should focus on basic features, not on newest things of 0.6; TODO: Florian
  • Should include: First, what JWT currently is (for each component: WE, Transformations). Describe all features shortly, then newest features
  • Conform to normal "N&N" documents
  • Have a look at JDT for an example.
  • Summarize things, don't make a section for each extension point
  • HTML document, maybe can be created in the wiki? Mickael will ask a question about it: TODO Mickael

Last Bugs for Galileo

  • 9 bugs for WE and 4 for transformations open for Galileo; nearly finished :-)
  • minor Galileo issues: disable info log messages; TODO Chris
  • Allow new custom node types; TODO Marc, maybe 0.7
  • Views.displayObject should return true by default; TODO Change to fixed, maybe have new bug for aspects
  • Profile and Aspect development not possible in the new outline; TODO Marc Close it, create new bug for ecore-editor mentioned in this bug? Melanie is working on this topic
  • error on activating perspective; TODO Marc, Mickael, Florian: have a look at it
  • ExternalActions don't listen to model selection changes; TODO Marc Close as WONTFIX
  • Getting NPE in JWT View File; TODO Melanie and Florian
  • Make a wink or a video that shows how UI can be extended, TODO Mickael for version 0.7
  • input output data not correct, TODO Chris Fixed
  • Lanes in JWT to BPMN transformation: TODO Florian: change to fixed
  • Error in JWT to BPMN transfo: TODO Florian, did work for 3.4
  • Errors during transformations are silent: TODO Mickael, maybe already fixed
  • BPMN to JWT Transformation: TODO Florian

What to include in new tutorial

  • Put tutorial to Wiki page in different parts -> TODO Chris
  • The existing tutorial is mainly an introduction to JWT and combination with AgilPro
  • Things are missing in the current tutorial, it's only focused on one integrator (AgilPro)
  • A more general document (on the wiki) is necessary to show that it can also be used with other things
  • Aspects, views, etc. should be included
  • Different examples for different sub-pages (browser for AgilPro, Amazon-example for Scarbo, etc.), but order should be pre-given for some tutorial pages (so people can understand what depends on what)

Developments in Views-Branch

  • Chris reported on the development of the views-branch:
  • Nearly all bugs on branch fixed now
  • Major parts should be working right now
  • Metamodel has been taken out of Workflow Editor
  • One plugin which includes model and edit code (incl. reference to UI)
  • Dependency on conf-plugins by metamodel-plugin
  • Second metamodel in WE that extends the original metamodel and adds layout data, reference and referenceEdges, etc.
  • Multiple view data on a metamodel-element, necessary for swimlanes in order to fulfil the requirement of Bull and JBoss
  • Some layout mechanisms included, although not the best for workflows, taken from GEF Zest
  • several bug fixes included
  • using new templates from the HEAD revision, works fine, concerning strings somehow strange since it doesn't use!?
  • views should have maybe an EAnnotation for storing also additional data for advanced things
  • maybe future feature request: automatic synchronization to simulate the old behavior for some cases
  • Migration of other plugins to the branch, then final migration of everything to the HEAD
  • thereby: update old plugins
  • view editor needs adjustments then, too
  • new converter needs to be adapted and finalized, too.

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