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JWT Meetings/Minutes09June16


  • Christian Saad
  • Florian Lautenbacher
  • Mickael Istria
  • Marc Dutoo


  • 4 pm to 6:35 pm


Last development (open bugs) necessary for Galileo

  • unique lazy rule necessary, Florian will work on that together with Marc, will send Mickael a notice once its done -> done
  • Close bug for BPMN to JWT bug and open another feature request for the other things discussed there -> Marc, done
  • Branding thing fixed as well, links all exist, Mickael will add icon for it (from icons-folder)

Latest fixed and RC5 and JWT 0.6 secret build

  • JWT RC5 is exactly the same as JWT 0.6 release
  • in a few hours, Mickael will kick RC5 build and will promote it to Galileo (this evening), will do it a second time tomorrow morning (9am)
  • JWT 0.6 will also be build and keep it at separate update-site (private, only Mickael will know)
  • Stable update site is RC5, secret update site will be copied to standard update site lateron
  • Many last time bugs on cross-projects-mailing-list, so we're not alone in fixing bugs in the last hours :-)

JWT in the press

  • developerWorks article: We had two possibilites for the abstract of JWT and had a discussion about which one is better. Second take was improved with elements from the first one. Should be finished by tomorrow latest. Florian will send latest version to developerWorks. Add Chris' collage to this email. It's the best among all which can be seen on for examples. Send two images one with an overview and another one with collage the collage. -> done
  • We'll have a look about a wiki where to store resources that should not be publicly available. -> Marc
  • JWT Website: Reuse the text from the developerWorks article in the "Why JWT?" and "Aims of JWT"; Marc and Chris will add these paragraphs to the website; Chris will change first page with some more introductory words; discuss changes to website on bugzilla (own component for that) --> Florian will create an own component (asking the admins for a new component -> done)
  • Ian Skerett writes a blog about the new Galileo projects. Therefore, he asked several questions that were discussed in this telco. Marc will answer him.
    • first question - What does your project do?
 Answer is taken from the developerWorks article
    • second question - Who are your typical users?
 Developers and academics working with process engines that need a platform to integrate their workflows with Java, test them regularly and modify them on a  frequent basis. And anyone who already has a workflow-like engine but is missing an editor, and is willing to write an export transformation in order to get one.
    • third question - Why did you join the Galileo release train? After completing your first release train, what do you think now?
 Being in the Galileo release train witnesses that JWT is a mature project and companies can build on it. It was not easy to fulfill all requirements for Galileo, but the attention it brings to JWT alone is worth it! On the other side we believe JWT provides features which are a valuable addition to Galileo. Finally, getting into the release train was an opportunity to improve the general quality of the project and enhance its reactivity and agility. 
    • forth question - What future enhancements are you planning for your project?
 In the next release we plan to improve runtime tooling, include process simulation within Eclipse, deployment, monitoring as well as support for JBoss jBPM, but also a more powerful view mechanism supporting different layouts.
  • Jaxenter: We have also been asked similar questions from the Eclipse Magazin. Answers to the questions will be given by Florian there.
    • Second question: BPM development chain, BPMN, data, etc., integration, deployment; forth: automatic build, additions to IDE, examples, API, etc.;
    • Last question: Ideas from the participants: bringing JWT to the web (GEF and SWT on the web already possible) and bring it to the third dimension, improve compatibility with other programming languages, declarative UI, supporting all languages, "the 20 things", e4 is about ubiquity (web, mobile, client, etc.) - mixture of everything - "JWT for everyone"; Mickael will send some ideas after he informed himself about e4;
  • Additional to press-related things: Have own press releases related with Scarbo and AgilPro releases on the 24th and release them also. No more articles about specific JWT things till then.

View branch

  • First ideas on when and how to merge the views branch from Chris. We need a specific date, when the change from branch to head shall occur. Then no more work on bugs is allowed. Use PDE API tooling when modifying plugins. All plugins will be copied to the branch before in order to make sure they (including transformations, converter, etc.) work, only after that the switch will happen. Since the only integrators are Scarbo and AgilPro, we can make the adaptations then.
  • 25th June, Galileo, will be the date for switching the whole development to the view branch, once its finished, we'll switch back to head again.

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