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JWT Meetings/Minutes09July01


  • Marc
  • Mickael
  • Florian


4.15 - 5.15


Licensing issues

  • Mickael I. and Marc Du. agreed to GPL of AgilPro, but don't think it should be a problem to have GPL on top of EPL
  • Talend uses EPL code in their GPL code, too; Mickael I. will ask somebody from Talend how they managed that

Looking back at Galileo

  • We had several English, German and (in the next week) French press articles about JWT
  • Quite a lot marketing stuff to do, but it was worth it
  • Marc reworked the website and updated wiki to Eclipse Galileo and the newest release
  • About page still needs to be updated -> ToDo: Florian
  • Download page should be improved, too
  • Marc will be from beginning of August till mid of August on vacation, Florian afterwards

Eclipse Summit Europe

We have different topics we could create talks for Eclipse Summit, e.g. about

  • the new view mechanism in comparison to other approaches (something for Chris?)
  • JWT: New in Galileo: A summary about JWT in Galileo
  • BPMN2 (maybe integrated with view mechanism?), either together with JBoss or BonitaSoft or both?
  • AOM: Discussions with Embarcadero and Excellent Solutions about a possible talk
  • STP-IM and JWT: Maybe integrate with a talk by Adrian or Andrea?
  • An overview about BPM in Eclipse? All the workflow related projects. Therefore, maybe contact MWE (Brian Hunt), BPMN (Antoine Toulme), etc.

Each committer, etc. can/should pick one topic and write abstract, discuss it on the mailing list, etc.

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