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JWT Meetings/Minutes09February25


Marc Dutoo, Mickael Istria, Chris Saad, Florian Lautenbacher


4pm CET to 6.15pm CET


JWT Eclipse Strategy

how can other Eclipse projects build on JWT? First focus on BPM and SOA, but also consideration of others. Interaction with other projects such as BIRT, modeling (MWE, EMF) to address their audience. Maybe process view might be interesting in BIRT besides pie charts, etc. Not more work for JWT, but more contributors is what we are searching for! Goal : to get more people already in the Eclipse Community aware of JWT.

Process Mining

Process Mining is also an interesting topic: give feedback from WAM to WE. OpenWide and University of Augsburg are both working on this topic. Further collaboration will be necessary.

Web Site

  • Advertisement on website, some examples, goals, aims, etc. necessary to explain what JWT might be used for.
  • Website still needs to improved, website structure and content.
  • Will BPM and SOA people see what JWT is for? Usecases and roadmap necessary.
  • Switch to Nova is a good opportunity to do everything in one step. Refactor website iterative process reusing slides for EFE, EclipseCon.
  • Maybe Flash movies for it? Feature-based? Tutorials, etc.
  • The website is for the user (something like JWT_Extensions) but not for developers!
  • Horizontal features and use cases vertical. FAQ, Success stories, etc. necessary
  • We more need to sell a product, not only a project.
  • Marc will prepare some text for Success stories (Scarbo, SCOrWare, AgilPro, etc.).
  • Marc will send a draft structure for this website. We will discuss it together.
  • PHP development for Website is awful (as other projects such as STP already experienced). First page and components made by PHP, more and more others part of the Wiki (as it already is). Maybe AJAX possible? Some marketing on the php-sites also necessary.

Update site

Unavailabilty of integration update site: We (especially Mickael) use Xalan from Orbit, but this leads to crashing the build because signing works wrong; received help from David Williams et al. but is still problematic. Download server very slow at the moment. Mickael tries to get it working until the end of the week. Xalan itself had a bug considering signing, is fixed now, but still has some problems. Originially a bug from Orbit and Xalan with JARs signing twice. WTP uses Xalan, too, but not more projects. Xalan is a library from Orbit for XSLT-transformations. Has nothing to do with Hudson (build server). Some more work is done on Dash, maybe this will follow Hudson? Not yet sure.

API Requirements

API tools in PDE need a base version which must fit to PDE API requirements. Therefore, annotations on the JavaDoc of all API classes are necessary. Necessary for v0.6.0. @since-tag. @since 0.6.0. PDE tools should automatically make 0.6.1? No internal classes probably. Since-tag is beginning, others can follow. All classes will get a JavaDoc-since-tag for the next version.

Version 0.6.0

Version 0.6.0 still pending: waiting on Bull. JBoss now looking into JWT? Chris still works on the views. Converter still needs to be adapted, new files can be created, existing ones can not be opened. Probably another two weeks until it is finished. Basic editor already quite stable, can be used to build upon. Displayment of some figures and connections still problematic. Documentation necessary upon the changes, so we can build on it. Chris will work on it. Todo in bugzilla, doc in Wiki.

Views and aspect-oriented problematics

Description of aspect-oriented problematics. Extension of ExecutableNode causes problems in other views that don't have this extension. Possibilities:

  • add figures for extensible nodes such as ExecutableNode, ControlNode, ActivityEdge, etc.
  • have transformations between different views
  • Extending the extension point with the possibility to invoke a method. This method can either be a warning (you might loose something) or a transformation, etc.
  • automatically compute transitions in the other views between the source of the incoming edges of the element that is not part of the view to the target of the outgoing edge. This edge should be different and maybe with a warning sign on it.

It is most important to save the semantics of the process. Other views must not create new elements that are not compatible with already existing ones (at least not as subclass of ExecutableNode e.g.) We had a long discussion about it until we decided that for this time this is probably not a problem yet, since the extension has been made wrong: it should extend the JWT:Event instead of JWT:ExecutableNode and thereby this problem is solved. However, for future cases further discussion is necessary. Further topics discussed on related EPC-bug.


Release of Frascati will be two weeks late as INRIA announced, probably end of February, after that Mickael will prepare something (slides, video, screencast or other things) that can be used for presentation of JWT at conferences.

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