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JWT Meetings/Minutes09February04


Marc Dutoo, Mickael Istria, Florian Lautenbacher, Chris Saad, Marc Blachon, Pierre Vigneras


Telco purpose (M.Dutoo, F.Lautenbacher)

  • Discuss current development, future events, etc.
  • In order to improve the Speech quality, each participant should mute his microphone as long as he/she is not speaking

Current development on views (C.Saad)

  • multiple view data, allows swimlanes, etc.; nearly finished, only on a branch (VIEWS_MULTIPLE),
  • new converter to transform the old workflow files into the new version;
  • separation of business part and displayment of data; new layout data,
  • changed handling of references and referenceedges;
  • metamodel has changed again: currently working on outsourcing it into an own plugin: core part of metamodel extracted (jwt-meta) includes model code, edit code and commands. Workflow editor only contains graphical things, therefore additional ecore file in jwt-we;
  • Discussion about what to prefer: Pools and Lanes or Roles and OrganizationUnits in the core metamodel, probably discussion inside a bug in the near future; this as well as other requirements about model should be discussed on bugzilla
  • Marc D. can assist Chris in outsourcing the metamodel
  • Still to do: Put view data in an own file
  • As soon as this has been finished, aspects, transformations, code generations, etc. need to adapted, too,
  • Additionally, EMF templates need to be adjusted to the newest EMF version, too. Three possibilities: completely EMF generated with adapted templates or generated code with "generated NOT" for adapted versions or using inheritance; Chris will have a closer look on it

Current development on JWT for SOA (M.Istria)

  • Webservices can be called from Bonita 4.0.1.
  • The proposed Task Engine Framework (TEF, see figure is a set of interfaces:
    • Orchestrator takes all interfaces to call services.
    • ProcessStateService (get and set services into the runtime),
    • ServiceProvider (gets service as Java object, implemented with Frascati),
    • ProcessModelService (most difficult, responsible to get data from model including aspects),
    • DataMappingService (having data mapping, building on JWT data mapping)
  • Hooks for XPDL from Aspects, takes values from property files
  • Completes the idea of JWT Runtime. Not only edit, but explore it during runtime. Implementation of it in OW2 Scarbo (described in Linux Solutions Day in April).

- Maybe we will have another conf call especially for this. Mickael can support access to SVN code, people interested can have a look at the code and then attend the other telco. Details about this telco will be discussed by Mickael and Florian. - The described interfaces (TEF) should go into JWT; therefore, a new component is necessary. Florian will ask Anne Jacko for it (Runtime, own CVS, Bugzilla component) - JWT4SOA currently has a dependency on EasyWSDL, Marc D. and Mickael will discuss whether to enter a CQ for that?

Proposed storyline for the presentations (F.Lautenbacher, C.Saad)

  • Three possibilities in the near future to present JWT
  • EclipseCon in March 2009, 10 minutes speech, due date 19. March
  • Eclipse Forum Europe in April 2009, 60 minutes speech, due date middle April
  • Article at german speaking Eclipse Magazine, due date 1st April.
  • Storyline: come from another tool (probably BPMN editor), watch the process in JWT in different views (EPC view, technical view), add engine specific details, generate code and execute it on a specific process engine (Bonita)

Introduction how to use Bonita (M.Blachon, P.Vigneras)

  • Bonita contains of three parts: engine (core, library), designer (currently shifting to JWT, at the moment own designer ProEd), console (includes Bonita engine).
  • First design process with ProEd, generate the hooks (using the wizards in the plugin), generates the bar file, deploy it via web application, instantiate it, then somebody will have it on their todo-list (in web application), dashboard includes several portlets
  • Administration only for root and admin (root has all rights on exo-platform)
  • Sample files existing on download site
  • Bonita can't read xpdl-file, only bar-files; therefore all workflow models need to be packed int bar-files (zip archives)
  • Hook files can be integrated in lib-files, don't need to be in bar-files
  • Web application itself is not needed; all can be done via calling the Bonita API. One click solution would be possible, but is not implemented yet.
  • BTW: Bonita currently still evaluates GMF / GEF and what is easier to customize in the future, decision about it in two weeks.

Priorization of bugs, allocation to milestones of Galileo and releases of JWT (F.Lautenbacher)

  • Releases:
   JWT 0.6 depends on Metamodel, Views (tests needed, e.g. 1-2 weeks), all other plugins that build on WE
   Probably 2 weeks for development, then we can work on the other plugins, release in April.
   Bull doesn't have requirements of that

   JWT 0.7 (for SOA) depends on Scarbo-project, should only happen after the beginning of Scarbo
   won't be part of Galileo
   things will be implemented until end of April (end of SCOrWare)
   Scarbo submitted end of January, no idea when it will be approved or declined
   Release in July / August

Current status of Galileo and future development (M.Istria, F.Lautenbacher)

  • Today F. Lautenbacher experienced build problems. These probably come because of a synchronization script that takes one or two hours to synchronize, that's why after a successfull integration build still the old plugin is provided on the download page
  • Galileo asks for own welcome page for all technology projects: already discussed on the mailing list: we might make one, but it is not a must.
  • Galileo forces all projects to go through a UI walkthrough: we should do it, before have aspects and others fit to Eclipse UI. First summarize things on bug entry, once all things have been finished, we should have this walkthrough
  • Mickael stresses not externalized strings (NLS): each committer shall have a look at code and change it accordingly as well as consider it in future developments. Add to the bug of NLS which plugins/packages we have already looked at, so things don't need to be done twice.
  • P.Vigneras asks a question on best practices of development, commits, etc.: Bugs don't need patches all the time, but each change should fit to a specific bug. For new committers it would be good to have new classes in a patch, so that the others can have a look on it. For bigger developments own branches, smaller things (a few lines of code) can be committed without adding them as patch in a bug.

WAM and especially monitoring (M.Dutoo)

  • Several people interested in monitoring; see discussion with Pable about Shark (Yaproc), use those features?
  • WAM has first been related to runtime, now new component Runtime concerned with that
  • Bull interested in monitoring features in Eclipse as are other companies (OpenWide, Uni Augsburg, etc.), but no resources right now available; Marc D. discusses with Miguel V. and others about research project in this context

Time for next telco (all)

  • Due to people in the USA not having the possibility to join our telcos (today especially Koen) we decided that the next telcos will happen at 4pm CET. We stay with Wednesday every three weeks.
  • Next telco: 25th February, 16:00 o'clock CET

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