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JWT Meetings/Minutes09December16


  • Marc Dutoo
  • Florian Lautenbacher
  • Christian Saad


  • 4pm to


v0.7.0 Release

  • Preparing new build environment on with 3.5.1
  • Include 0.7 in Helios milestones and Galileo SR2
  • Release probabaly tomorrow (18th Dec)
  • Overall status looks good
  • Some small bugs will be fixed by tomorrow (see bugzilla)

SOA Project

  • No new developments
  • Joint talk on EclipseCon (add to slides)


  • Intend for Helios has been stated
  • Talks:
    • Joint SOA talk (5min?)
    • MM Evolution (->reduce to 25 min)
    • JWT General (->25min ok)
    • JWT Aspect & View (->25min ok)


  • Extensions described on bugzilla are ok -> Go ahead
  • Semantics are described in bugzilla
  • Will be started after 0.7 release


  • Possible extensions for the future: Extend task engine with role mappings
  • ChildExtenders optional, moved to next version

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