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JWT Meetings/Minutes09April29


  • M. Dutoo
  • M. Istria
  • C. Saad
  • F. Lautenbacher


4pm to 5.50pm


Feedback from Eclipse Forum Europe (F. Lautenbacher)

  • 12 people from 1700 people at the talk, many interesting discussions afterwards
  • good presentation, slides and screencasts, good for newcomers of JWT on the website
  • some users asked for download code afterwards, etc.
  • Feedback from Tom Baeyens, JBoss jBPM lead: Show them we go into the direction they need.
  • Include Swimlanes into metamodel -> FL makes proposal, discuss further about it, see mapping of BPMN to JWT, open bug for it -> Done.
  • Quite difficult in GEF to support swimlanes, but it is possible, we need to further look into it
  • After the new view mechanism have been integrated, definitely after Galileo release, include JBoss guys and their experience with swimlanes; ask Koen to join our telco discussion about swimlanes next time.
  • Give a new tab for textual things, new editor tab which calls a transformation and then opens the XML (jPDL, XPDL, etc.) file, no current mapping between XML and graphical model
  • Discussion about new approaching BPMN2-standard. FL will send BPMN2-draft to JWT. -> Done.
  • Initiative of Sopera, talked to Miguel, maybe a possibility to integrate JWT into? We will follow it.

Feedback from SCOrWare end presentation (M. Dutoo)

  • Scarbo was compared to IBM Process Solution, great!
  • Extensible editor and ideas of JWT were really good said one reviewer of the project
  • Time of the presentation was quite short, party afterwards was good
  • New release of Scarbo needs to be finalized, build own RCP variant
  • Scarbo: Try more to integrate with other solutions.
  • Answers in FAQ are already really good also in new wiki page "Why should I use JWT?"
  • Move AgilPro Simulator to JWT Desktop finally, FL: open bug for it -> Done.
  • Create workflow model with JWT steps of the presentation of Eclipse Forum Europe, could help people create their own integration
  • Provide some short samples how to build an integrator with JWT

Project plan update (F. Lautenbacher)

  • Have next release with Galileo, 24th June, not one before; have an own project review; Mickael will ask on cross-project.mailing-list how and when the release review will be. -> Done.
  • The Eclipse Foundation says that a new release should be made all 6-8 weeks
  • Next release Thursday, 24th of September, version 0.7
  • Graduation planned for the end of the year, version 1.0
  • FL: Change project plan on Eclipse Portal -> Done.

Galileo (M. Istria)

  • Marc will solve API bug next week
  • Mickael is working on other bugs, such as i18n
  • 6th May is M7, then we'll be in the RC, each week a new Release Candidate
  • Florian and Chris will work on the branding things

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