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JWT Meetings/Agenda09February04

Agenda for our telco on the 4th of February 2009

  • Purpose of these telcos (F.Lautenbacher, M.Dutoo)
  • Current development on views (C.Saad)
  • Current development on JWT for SOA (M.Istria)
    • What we currently have
    • the Task Engine Framework Tef.png
    • Use it for showcases ?
  • Proposed storyline for the presentations at EclipseCon, EclipseForumEurope and Eclipse Magazin (F.Lautenbacher, C.Saad)
  • Introduction how to use Bonita (M.Blanchon, P.Vigneras)
  • Priorization of bugs, allocation to milestones of Galileo and releases of JWT (F.Lautenbacher) (Link to bugzilla overview)
  • Galileo: Current state, required development such as UI walkthrough, own welcome page (M.Istria, F.Lautenbacher)
  • Monitoring part of JWT (M.Dutoo)

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