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JWT Kickoff Meeting

Results and next steps

File:JWT NextSteps.pdf

Meeting details

Feb the 5th 2007 - Start 9:00 UTC

The meeting will be a telephone conference thanks to the University of Augsburg and a WebEx infrastructure sponsored thankfully by Tibco.

Telephone conference

The details for the telephone conference are:

Please call +49 69 76 75 58 00

When asked for an access key, please type: 141922#.


The details for the WebEx can be found here:



Here's what to do:

  • At the meeting's starting time, either click the following link or copy and paste it into your Web browser:

  • Enter your name, your email address, and the meeting password (if required), and then click Join.
  • If the meeting includes a teleconference, follow the instructions that automatically appear on your screen.

That's it! You're in the web meeting!

WebEx will automatically setup Meeting Manager for Windows the first time you join a meeting. To save time, you can setup prior to the meeting by clicking this link:

For Help or Support: Go to, click Assistance, then Click Help or click Support.

Uploaded presentations


09:00 (UTC): start and welcome (Marc and Florian): some remarks about the last months, description of the creation review, the most important details about JWT, WE and WAM - File:JWT Introduction.pdf

around 09:15 (UTC): Every participant will introduce himself, his company, products, research, etc. (10 to 15 minutes)

  • Marc Dutoo, Open Wide SA - File:OpenWide - JWT Kickoff - ShortIntroductionMarc.pdf
  • Florian Lautenbacher - File:ShortIntroduction Florian.pdf
  • Alain Boulze, Objectweb
  • Miguel Valdez, Bull SA
  • Fabrice Dewasmes, Pragma Consult
  • Günther Palfinger, eMundo GmbH
  • Tim Stephenson, Tibco corp.
  • Koen Aers, JBoss, a Division of Red Hat.
  • Emmanuel Rias, Bull SA
  • Yann Jouanique, David Rondello, Amadeus SA
  • Samir Tata, Djamel Belaid, INT Evry
  • Pardeep Soud, Independent Consultant
  • others...

around 11:00 (UTC): description of the projects/products for JWT (about 30-45 minutes)

(somewhere between: Lunch!)

around 15:00 (UTC): actions to be taken (everybody) - File:JWT NextSteps.pdf

  • administrative ones
  • next steps on all levels
  • resources
  • dissemination

Open end...

Meeting preparation

  • Registered people
  • Registered presentations : Interested parties
  • Registered presentations : Architecture
  • Registered presentations and subjects : Actions / Next step / Dissemination

Meeting announcement

The goals of the KickOff meeting are to help interested parties know each other and discover their respective interests in JWT, be it expertise or solutions in the BPM tooling or BPM standardisation tooling fields, experience of BPM standardisation or genericity problematics on the representation or grammar mapping levels, BPM engines knowledge...

It will consist of three parts :

 * general interested parties presentation (including every board member - anybody interested will have talk time). 
   The point is to help foster further collaboration between actors but also fields. 15 minutes max each including questions.
 * architecture : anyone having experience in tackling the BPM tooling  standardisation and genericity problematics is 
   invited to present & showcase their architecture. The point is to have a starting point for the architectural analysis 
   leading to the specifications. At least 30-40 minutes each.
 * actions to be taken : administrative ones, next steps on all levels & dissemination. This last part is very important 
   since JWT is an open source project gathering very different partners.

Kickoff meeting preparation

In order to be as efficient as possible, and since a physical meeting is not possible, the kickoff meeting should be well prepared. That includes :

 * anyone interested to attend, please register by answering this email or directly contacting a project lead
 * anyone interested to do a presentation, please register by answering this email or directly contacting a project lead
    * specify the wanted alloted time, subject and which part of the kickoff meeting it goes in
    * please provide the slides in advance so they may be exposed on the wiki for everyone else to read.

Look for new information, upcoming presentations agenda and contributions to the meeting on .

Best regards,

Marc Dutoo, Florian Lautenbacher

JWT Project Lead

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