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JWT Checkpoint Telco 20080704

Florian, Christian, Mickaël and Marc

Current development:
    - features added and bugs removed in JWT WE (Florian, Chris)
bug fixes, like
undo redo
open workflow from Url
still a few open issues but greatly improved
drag and frop from outline, move objects around
mickaël idea : property on the reference edge to show or not edges to data, because when there are too many...
    - extensions according to runtime and platform data (Mickael, Marc)
data that are specific to a given runtime platform
ex. new features like bonita hook info, or custom impl existing feature like calling web services using frascati
putting this additional information in many files, one per platform ; or as metamodel extension
* Dynamic metamodel extension: classes and properties (Florian, Chris, Marc,
see on JWT_Metamodel at the bootom the specs
localization let to the vendor using bundles
extension update
chris : custom features on aspects, ex. maybe singleton can be put only on aspects
change name of singleton because misleading
taking out metamodel : good for transformations, also at runtime ; depends on views
* packaging tool
eclipse plugin
Augsburg student has started
putting views in it
then further
    - transformations : BPMN2JWT (maybe Stephane could tell us the last status)
JWT2STP-IM : Augsburg students work on it
generic transformation rules allowing to add properties in STP-IM just by JWT metamodel extensions (no additional transformation)
    - Development in JWT4SCOrWare, News on Bonita (Marc)
Open Wide has done orchestration (calling web services in workflows) : design in we, transformation to Bonita XPDL, execution in Bonita 3 within a BonitaScaHook that loads the SCOrWare Frascati SCA service middleware (in its own classloader), generates an sca composite configuration for it, and call it in java. This architecture allows to call any other kind of service supported in SCA (RMI...).
Open Wide has also added rough support of any type of java variable (not just strings) to Bonita 3.
Runtime data and datamapping configuration accessed through the ProcessModelService, for which we will provide a default implementation on top of XPDL2 using XPath, but that can also be implemented on top of a process engine that already provides this feature. It will need management of unique ids (of Process / Activity, ActivityNode / Action / Task, Application) through we, transformations, executable languages.
* JWT release
try to wrap up at the same time end of Mickaël's internship and Monday SCOrWare demo in a release before the beginning of August.
refactor, clean, commit code.
package demo (wink, downloads)
package JWT4SCOrWare (wiki, downloads)
package and release JWT (release downloads)
JWT website
    - Article for Eclipse Summit Europe and EclipseMag (Florian)
Work on it so the article can be published at the end of July.
Marc will be at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008.
Talk about JWT4SOA/SCOrWare, maybe Bonita in it.

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