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JWT Checkpoint Telco 20070516

Open Wide will provide one to two persons for the JWT project (e.g. for the XPDL generation) from Mid-summer on.

The AgilPro 1.2.0 resources (which were released last week) were already downloaded more than 150 times. Marc will send an email to friend projects concerning this new release. Anyone else

Marc will also send a spec about SCOrWARE and its intersection points with JWT

eMundo will provide a document about the differences and similarities of the AgilPro integration framework and JWT WAM. Update : it has been done since, see front page.

eMundo and the University of Augsburg will upload their code to JWT, after rebuilding it: we want to ensure that AgilPro will remain as rich-client plattform application with the JWT plugins at its core. So AgilPro can serve as a sample application of JWT with additional menu's etc. and the plugins themselves can be integrated into every Eclipse workbench. Update : another such JWT distribution may be "JWT for SCOrWare", the friend public-funded research project.

Here is a snippet that anyone can use to tell potentially interested parties about the AgilPro 1.2.0 release : "

  The JWT Eclipse project is pleased to present a new release of the AgilPro modeler and BPM suite : AgilPro 1.2.0 . This release's codebase will be contributed to the core JWT project by the University of Augsburg, Germany.
  JWT is an Open Source project hosted by the Eclipse foudation that advocates business process edition to be format-agnostic and is working on generic, format-independant workflow edition and management tool. Further JWT partners include Bull SA, Open Wide SA, eMundo Gmbh,  Tibco corp and the SCOrWare european research project.


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