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JWT Checkpoint Telco


  • An EU project wants to use JWT for managing their BP (see Florian)
  • A french research project is interested in the JoNES project (which predates the friend project SCOrWare) ; Ask for a summary for JWT (ask Marc)


Agilpro version next week !

  • Time to get some buzz out (tss, stp, ml, blogs)

From that point on we still need to do many changes to generate xpdl code.

  • Right now only architecture, metamodel are done

Florian will meet Gunther, who is doing things that are in line with the WAM

  • what level of contribution ? API level would be win-win, see with him

Ask etienne or emo about eclipse code review delays.


  • We should be open and write to the community (wiki, mailing lists) rather than keep it only for a subset of the mailing lists
  • What about JWT blog(s) ? Push that idea to the community for feedback.

Next checkpoint telco

15/05 4 pm

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