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JSF 2007 01 08

JSF Monthly Status Meeting Minutes: 2007-01-08


  • Raghu Srinivasan(Oracle)
  • Cameron Bateman (Oracle)
  • Gerry Kessler (Oracle)
  • Ian Trimble (Oracle)
  • Justin Chen (Oracle)


  1. WTP 2.0-JSF Release planning
    • Visual Page Designer
      • First-cut in WTP 2.0 M4 build
      • Enhancements, new features planned for M5
    • Bugs triaged for the 2.0 release
      • Call for Help!
  2. Eclipse webinar on the JSF Tools Project


    • Visual Page Designer
      • WTP 2.0-M4 build includes first-cut of the Visual Page Designer
      • Enhancements to the Visual Page Designer will be released in the weekly M5 builds, starting this week
    • JSF Tools bugs triaged and targeted for WTP 2.0.
      • Call for Help: We are looking for active community contribution. The JSF Tools Project Wiki Home has a link that lists all the bugs that need help. If you would like to volunteer to fix any of these issues or contribute to other tasks, please contact us by email to

Action Items

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