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JSF 2006 11 06

JSF Monthly Status Meeting Minutes: 2006-11-06


  • Raghu Srinivasan(Oracle)
  • Bob Gallagher(IBM)
  • Jean Choi (Sybase)
  • Cameron Bateman (Oracle)
  • Gerry Kessler (Oracle)
  • Ian Trimble (Oracle)
  • Justin Chen (Oracle)


  1. WTP 2.0-JSF Release planning
    • Visual Page Designer
    1. Code checked in
    2. Features planned
    • Unified _expression_ Language Support
    1. Requirements
    • JSF Library
    1. Use of Facets
    2. Use Cases


  • Jean Choi: We have support for creating Resource Bundles which we might contribute.
  • Raghu Srinivasan: We would like to see a demo of the feature. This is not planned for WTP 2.0.
  • Cameron Bateman: Is the validation in the Visual Page Designer based of the JSF Tools project's validation feature?
  • Jean Choi: No, its not.

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