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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20160105


See JSDT/Confcalls


    Ilya, Chuck, Orlando, Alina, Alexey, Victor, Gorkem

Meeting Minutes

  • Congratulations Ilya on his committership with JSDT. Special thanks to Nitin and Simon for helping with the voting
  • Debugger is targeted for M5
  1. creating a new gerrit push with namespace changes: ETA this week.
  2. Update development implementation for WIP to canary chrome version
  3. Feature/build integration
  4. Update development implementation for WIP to stable chrome
    • Denis will open 3 more bugzillas for the above work.
    • Denis will move to other tasks after M5, we need other team members to continue with the integration
  • Grunt and Gulp task runners
    • Working with AST tree to detect tasks.
  • Parser
    • Need CQs for esprima.js and everything.js(for tests)
  • JSON editor is now merged.
    • Gorkem will open a bugzilla for JSON Editor json schema catalog
  • XML/HTML validation extension
    • there is a new gerrit contribution
    • Gathering feedback from Angelo(the requestor for the extension)
  • Orlando is working on
  • Chuck and Victor will set up create 4.0 milestones for bugzilla
    • we need to start targeting them.

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