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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151201


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   Gorkem, Ilya, Chuck, Denis, Orlando, Alina,Victor, Ian

Meeting Minutes

  • JSON Editor
  • npm and bower contribution
    • Code has dropped to master
    • Ilya working on improvements regarding more generic launch configurations on JSDT repository
    • Will be part of M4 release
    • Related bugzilla
    • Victor will create a single feature today and include in builds
  • Grunt & Gulp work
  • JavaScript Debugger
    • Going to be under EPL or EPL compatible license
    • We are waiting for chromium guys to update license throughout the project, but there is no changes yet
    • Victor should ping them today about progress on that
    • After license changed to EPL we are going to submit new sources with updated license for CQ
  • Parser replacement
    • Disabling type binding after M4
    • Working on a new code completion that works with a single file
    • Check disable parsing errors preference still works
    • Exclusion filters to be kept for now

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