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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151124


See JSDT/Confcalls

Meeting Agenda

  1. Updates on current work
    1. JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
    3. JavaScript Debugger
    4. Parser replacement


Gorkem Ercan
Denis Golovin
Orlando Rincon
Ilya Buzuik

Meeting Minutes

  1. JSON Editor is approved
    1. Figure out if we can move it to SSE.
    2. create bugzillas for additional features to JSON Editor
  2. npm and bower contribution approved. Ilya is preparing the initial contribution code.
  3. JavaScript debugger is waiting for the ongoing discussion around dual licensing
  4. Removing type binding and indexing completely.
    1. We are implementing a code completion replacement that only works with a file instead of the type binding.

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