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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151117


See JSDT/Confcalls

Meeting Agenda

  1. Updates on current work
    1. JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
    3. JavaScript Debugger
    4. Parser replacement


Gorkem Ercan
Alexey Kazakov
Denis Golovin
Orlando Rincon

Meeting Minutes

  1. JSON editor some progress on CQ
  2. npm & bower CQ has been filed
  3. JS debugger CQ filed.
    1. Debugger may need to use two licenses, similar to JGit/EGit. Waiting for feedback from Google on that. [[1] See also chromedevtools dependency diagram]
    2. Work continues on the temporary jbosstools repository to support new protocols.
  4. Parser replacement
    1. The plan is to start using Esprima with Nashorn
    2. Use an architecture that is easily replaceable
    3. See the blog post about performance comparison
  5. Feel free to contact Victor or Gorkem about starting up with a new work
    1. use eclipse-dev on Freenode:
    2. A few bugzillas that can be worked on

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