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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151103


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Meeting Agenda

  1. Updates on current work
    1. JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
    3. JavaScript Debugger
      1. Q: What would be the best place to publish eclipse p2 repository built out of mirrored repo?
  2. Some findings with experimenting with TypeScript language tools
  3. Discussion: Should we drop the build all files approach that JSDT has?
  4. JS Editor extension work STILL needs volunteers to work on these 3 bugzilla issues


Gorkem Ercan
Denis Golovin
Doug Schaffer
Alexey Kazakov
Chuck Bridgham
Ilya Buziuk
Mickael Istria
Orlando Rincon

Meeting Minutes

  1. Updates on current work
    1. No updates on the CQs for JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
      1. code is ready at
      2. We are looking to gather the early feedback
      3. Red Hat QE will be involved in testing it.
    3. JavaScript debugger
      1. tycho build is up for chromedevtools
      2. Denis will create a P2 update site hosted GitHub pages
    4. Typescript language services
      1. Can be used as an alternate to tern.js
      2. Provides services for Editors and IDEs that can be used to delegate the functionality
      3. Performance suffers on large projects with the build all files approach
    5. Discussion on architectural direction.
      1. Gorkem & Alexey to start a document explaining current position/discussion
      2. Added for enabling source validators.
      3. Created for the breakpoint issue.

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