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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151020


See JSDT/Confcalls

Meeting Agenda

  1. Updates on current work
    1. JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
  1. JavaScript Debugger
    1. Chrome Dev. Tools
  2. Extension points for extending/replacing JSDT editor functionality


Gorkem Ercan
Max Andersen
Alexey Kazakov
Denis Golovin

Meeting Minutes

  1. JSON Editor waiting on CQs to conclude
  2. npm/bower work is progressing
    1. expect a demo end of next week.
    2. nvm is also tested and we handle some of the cases discovered during testing
  3. JavaScript Debugger
    1. Chrome debug protocol seems to be the de-facto standard
    2. Chrome dev. tools for Java will be able to provide debugging for most platforms/browsers but Firefox
    3. Start working on chrome dev. tools to explore if it fits JSDT requirements.
      1. Denis/Max will create the GitHub repo to do this early work -
  4. Draft proposal for extending JSDT editor functionality possibly next week.
  5. JavaScript Unit testing, what are the plans?

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