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JSDT/Confcalls/Minutes 20151013


See JSDT/Confcalls

Meeting Agenda

  1. Updates on current work
    1. JSON Editor
    2. npm and bower contribution
  2. JavaScript Debugger
  3. Using node.js and node.js based tools on JSDT/WTP


Gorkem Ercan
Chuck Bridgham
Alexey Kazakov
Denis Golovin

Meeting Minutes

  1. JSON Editor
    1. New CQs for JSON editor
    2. CQ for JSON editor is updated.
    3. JSON editor contribution to be done to SSE (instead of JSDT)
  2. npm/bower contribution from JBDS is expected to happen by the end of the month
  3. JSDT Debugger
    1. The current Chrome and node.js JSDT debugger implementation are just stubs
    2. Crossfire debugger is the most advanced debugger.
    3. Connect Denis and Adalberto with Michael Rennie
  4. More granular bugzilla entries needed related to extending JSDT with 3rd party JS tools
  5. node.js use on WTP project.
    1. It looks like the problem is mostly on the npm ecosystem
    2. Will get Max to provide an update.

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