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JPA Diagram Editor Project


The JPA Diagram Editor enables the JPA developers to create, view, and edit their business data model as graphical diagram. For detailed information, see the project proposal.

The JPA Diagram Editor recently passed successfully a Move Review. The code and the infrastructure of the project was successfully moved from the WTP Incubator to the WTP Dali project.

Project Status

JPA Diagram editor is a component of Dali. It's part of the Indigo and later releases of the eclipse. It's also compatible with Helios.

JPA diagram editor offers full support for JPA 1.0. JPA 2.0 support development is in progress as well as support of additional JPA artifacts like embeddable classes and mapped superclasses.

The editor already supports the new (JPA 2.0) style One-to-Many unidirectional relationship. I.e. - in JPA 2.0 projects the corresponding relationship attribute will be created with additional @JoinColumn(s) annotation, which means that the corresponding DB schema will be created without additional join table.

This behavior is optional. The user may choose from the editor preference page or project property page to create this relationship (in JPA 2.0 projects) compliant with JPA 1.0 specification, i.e. - without the additional @JoinColumn(s) annotation.

Bugzilla bookkeeping:

How to Install

JPA Editor P2 Repo.png

If you are using Indigo or greater eclipse versions you may skip this section

Download and extract Eclipse for Java EE Developers Helios.

Start the Eclipse IDE.

Install the project:

  1. Go to Help -> Install New Software.
  2. Paste the following URL in the Works with field and hit Enter:
  3. You need to select only the features from the JPA Diagram Editor category. The install manager will automatically pick-up the necessary Graphiti features.
  4. Follow the next steps of the wizard to install it.

Using the JPA Diagram Editor 

Getting Started Tutorial

Watch demo on YouTube

Where I can get help and information?

Dali Forum

Dali Dev mailing list

Report bugs in Bugzilla

How do I get sources?

The source code is in the following GIT repository:




See the EGit User Guide for help using EGit.

Build Infrastructure

The build is based on Maven+Tycho, executed on Hudson server, hosted at Eclipse Foundation. New build is triggered automatically after a change committed in GIT.

Hudson build job

P2 repository of the latest build


  • Registering of JPA entities in persistence.xml causes inconsistent editor behavior – Eclipse bug #257530
  • Refactoring entity class (from outside the diagram editor) causes disappearing of the corresponding pictogram from the diagram - Eclipse bug #324026
  • Currently only pure Java entities are supported. There is no mapping XML entities support yet.
  • Still no support for Undo/Redo - Eclipse bug #345322

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