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JGit/New and Noteworthy/4.5



  • Push implementation of option strings.

Example usage:

   $ ./jgit push \
     --push-option "" \
     --push-option "<arbitrary string>" \
     origin HEAD:refs/for/master

Push options were also added to cgit

  • Packet logging for JGit

Imitate the packet tracing feature from C Git. Unlike C Git, use the log4j log level setting instead of the GIT_TRACE_PACKET environment variable to enable tracing. Use as follows: 1. Enable tracing by adding the lines, stderr
   to org.eclipse.jgit.pgm/resources/

2. mvn package 3. org.eclipse.jgit.pgm/target/jgit \

       ls-remote git:// 2>&1 | less

Then the output provides a trace of packets sent and received over the wire

  • Shallow fetch/clone: Make --depth mean the total history depth
  • cgit changed the --depth parameter to mean the total depth of history rather than the depth of ancestors to be returned. JGit still uses the latter meaning, so update it to match cgit.
  • Shallow fetch: Respect "shallow" lines
  • ReceivePack: report protocol parsing failures on channel 3
  • Push: Report fatal server errors during pack writing
  • Add configureJSch() method to allow configuration of JSch objects
  • Add support for post-commit hooks
  • Enhance ResetCommand to allow disabling reflog update

JGit Command Line

  • Added a clean command.
  • Tag command: implement option -d for deleting tags


  • improve exception handling in LfsProtocolServlet

Bug Fixes

9 Bugs were closed


The following 23 developers worked on this release of JGit :

Andrey Loskutov, Christian Halstrick, Christian Pontesegger, Dave Borowitz, Dan Wang, David Pursehouse, Hugo Arès, Jens Offenbach, Jonathan Nieder, Marco Miller, Mark Ingram, Markus Keller, Martin Goellnitz, Masaya Suzuki, Matthaus Owens, Matthias Sohn, Michael Keppler, Mike Williams, Ned Twigg, Shawn Pearce, Stefan Beller, Terry Parker, Thomas Wolf

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