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JGit/New and Noteworthy/3.1



  • Move ArchiveCommand into standard porcelain API
  • Add path option to StatusCommand
  • ResetCommand: Allow reset on unborn branch when ref not specified
  • Enable LsRemoteCommand to work without local repository


  • Add tgz, txz and tbz2 archive formats
  • Add long filename, large file, and non-ASCII filename support to TarFormat
  • Make sure checkout is not deleting folders outside the working tree
  • Implement, this can be used for listing remote refs for a repository on the file system without having a local repository

Command Line

  • Make gc a public command

Performance Improvements

  • Use a bucket sort for PackReverseIndex speeding up creatiion of reverse pack index by a factor of 3

Build and Release Engineering

  • Update build to use Tycho 0.18
  • Update to Jetty 7.6.11.v20130520
  • Update to Orbit Kepler SR1 release R20130827064939
  • Update build to use CBI jarsigner plugin

Bug Fixes

5 Bugs and 2 enhancement requests were closed


The following 16 developers worked on this release of JGit:

Alex Rukhlin, Christian Halstrick, Christian Trutz, Colby Ranger, Dave Borowitz, Greg Hill, Gustav Karlsson, Hiroshi Tomita, Jonathan Nieder, Lars Vogel, Matthias Sohn, Robin Rosenberg, Robin Stocker, Shawn Pearce, Stefan Lay, Tomasz Zarna

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