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JGit/New and Noteworthy/1.3

New Porcelain Commands


  • Provides a collection of all the currently stashed commits in a repository

Submodule Commands


  • Registers a new submodule repository at a path in a parent repository


  • Initializes the repository's config with entries from the .gitmodules file


  • Provides the status of all the registered submodules in a repository


  • Updates the remote URL used by a submodule with the value currently in the .gitmodules' file


  • Clones missing submodules and merge, rebases, or checks out the commit SHA-1 of the submodule in the index

Updated Porcelain Commands


  • Supports cloning submodules after the parent repository clone finishes


  • Supports setting a custom source and destination prefix (defaults to a/ and b/)
  • Supports setting the number of context lines to display (defaults to 3)
  • Supports setting a ProgressMonitor that will be provided updates on the diff formatting progress


  • Supports setting the maximum number of commits to display
  • Supports setting the number of commits to skip over before returning any

Bug Fixes

7 Bugs and 4 enhancement requests were closed


  • core.filemode config option is now checked when determining file mode to use for checked in files. This fixes a bug where files committed on Windows would lose the executable bit if it was previously set.

Other Notable Changes

  • Revision strings that are refs following by an @ followed by an ordinal specification such as stash@{0} can now be resolved to commits when calling Repository.resolve

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