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JGit/New and Noteworthy/1.2

Git Porcelain API Updates

  • A TransportConfig callback has been introduced for transport commands


  • A Distributed File System storage API has been added for JGit to enable storing Git data in a distributed file system.
  • A rename callback in FollowFilter has been added to enable following renames in RevWalks.
  • Git over HTTP can now be served without the old /p web context root through new HTTP servlet filters
  • A new configuration option maxObjectSizeLimit for receive-pack has been implemented to allow limiting the maximum file size which can be pushed. This is e.g. used by Gerrit to limit the maximum file size which can be pushed to the server in order to protect it against excessive resource consumption.
  • The new system property jgit.cygpath can be used to explicitly control cygwin path translation which is now off by default.

JGit command line

  • The log command now supports the usual date options also provided by native Git.

Bugs Closed

6 bugs and 6 enhancement requests were closed.


JGit 1.2 - commits in gitweb

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