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JGit/New and Noteworthy/0.12

Git Porcelain API Updates

More Git porcelain commands and command options were added to the org.eclipse.jgit.api package

  • AddNoteCommand
  • ListNotesCommand
  • ShowNoteCommand
  • ResetCommand
  • StatusCommand
  • CommitCommand now supports the git commit options --amend and -o and allows to pass a Gerrit ChangeId to be added as a commit message footer
  • LogCommand now supports path filters
  • PushCommand now supports the git push options --all and --tags


JGit Command Line

The JGit command line now supports the following new commands and command options

  • jgit merge has been added
  • jgit reset has been added
  • jgit log now can show git notes
  • jgit push now supports the options --all and --tags

Cherry-pick Conflict Handling Support

CherryPickCommand now properly supports conflict handling.

Other Enhancements

  • Some since long time deprecated classes have been removed
    • Repository.mapTree
    • TreeVisitor
    • TreeIterator
    • IndexTreeVisitor
    • WriteTree
    • WorkDirCheckout
    • Treeish interface
  • Class ObjectIdSubclassMap has been improved to implement a more lightweight map for ObjectIds which reduces memory consumption considerably.

Bugs Closed

15 bugs and 5 enhancement requests were closed.


JGit 0.12 - commits in gitweb

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