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JGit/New and Noteworthy/0.10

Histogram Diff

A new histogram diff algorithm derived from Bram Cohen's Patience Diff algorithm has been implemented which yields better readable diffs for real-world source code diffs.

See the HistogramDiff class.

HTTP basic and digest authentication

We natively support the HTTP basic and digest authentication methods by setting the Authorization header.

See the HttpAuthMethod class.

Performance: New IndexDiffFilter

The new IndexDiffFilter speeds up walking the working tree heavily. This e.g. helps to bring up the commit dialog on large repositories much faster.

See the IndexDiffFilter class.

Git Porcelain API Updates

More Git porcelain commands were added to the org.eclipse.jgit.api package

  • CheckoutCommand
  • CherryPickCommand
  • CreateBranchCommand
  • DeleteBranchCommand
  • FetchCommand
  • InitCommand
  • ListBranchCommand
  • PullCommand
  • PushCommand
  • RebaseCommand
  • RenameBranchCommand
  • RmCommand

User Guide

The User Guide has been enhanced.

Bugs Closed

31 JGit Bugs have been closed since 0.9


JGit 0.10 - commits in gitweb

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