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JFace Data Binding/Runtime Dependencies

Data Binding Runtime Dependencies

The core Data Binding bundle has the following dependencies:

  • org.eclipse.equinox.common (about 150 KB). We are currently using Assert, IStatus, and ListenerList from equinox.common, but we might potentially use more classes or interfaces from equinox.common in the future, such as e.g. ISafeRunnable/SafeRunner, IProgressMonitor, and IAdaptable.
  • Databinding in Eclipse versions earlier than 4.16 had a dependency on ICU4J. 4.16 and later can use ICU if it is available but does not depend on it. (ICU4J is about 4MB for the real thing, or 100KB for the replacement bundle which is available from the Eclipse Project download pages.)

The data binding framework will run without OSGi. There are optional dependencies on the packages org.osgi.framework, org.osgi.util.tracker, and org.eclipse.osgi.framework.log which allow us to log errors and warnings to the common log if OSGi is available. You can also inject a logger yourself by calling org.eclipse.core.databinding.util.Policy.setLog(), very similar to how this is solved in JFace.

There are parts of Data Binding that depend on SWT/JFace but these have been broken out into a separate plug-in, org.eclipse.jface.databinding.

For background and historical information, refer to bug 153630 comment 9 and bug 179305.

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