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JFace Data Binding/Conference Call Agenda 2007 11

Data binding conference call on November 14, 2007

Time: 12:00 EST Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Duration: 60 minutes


Boris Bokowski, Tom Schindl, Matt Carter, Kevin McGuire, Peter Centgraf, Matthew Hall, Frank Gerhardt, Michael Scharf

Meeting Notes

  • Short introduction
    • Boris Bokowski - committer on Platform UI, working for IBM in Ottawa
    • Tom Schindl - committer on Platform UI (JFace viewers), based in Austria, working for Bestsolution GmbH
    • Matt Carter, NE England, consultant, using data binding
    • Kevin McGuire, committer on Platform UI, working for IBM in Ottawa
    • Matthew Hall, user of data binding, wrote PaperClips printing library for SWT
    • Frank Gerhardt, consultant, based in Germany, consumer, may write an article about data binding
    • Michael Scharf, WindRiver, has written a custom data binding library, interested in porting to the Eclipse data binding framework
    • Peter Centgraf, Pittsburgh, active bugzilla commenter ;-)
  • Mention GWT porting effort by Tom. He is also working on getting EMF common and ecore to work with GWT.
  • EclipseCon submissions - still looking for short talks on RCP (and a data binding tutorial? contact Boris if interested)
  • Reduce noise in bugzilla by closing obsolete bugs. There seems to be a lot of them, making it hard to know where contributions would be most helpful (Matthew to nag Boris, ideally with a list of bugs to close)
  • Brad Reynolds is taking a leave of absence
  • Priorities for 3.4
    • Improve documentation (Several offered help with wiki pages, Frank may write an article about data binding)
    • Shepherd existing (and new) contributions into the codebase, hopefully resulting in new committers (Boris)
      • To protect integrity of Eclipse codebase, contributions by non-committers of over 250 lines of code must be run through an IP review process. Therefore non-committers who contribute are encouraged to do so in small, incremental steps. This helps separate concerns and reduce dependencies during the design process anyway.
    • Add features:
      • convenience API for creating bindings - bug 203492 Binding builder investigation
      • more reusable validators and converters - bug 197807 and others
      • cell editing support and nested attributes in tables - bug 196785, bug 144260 (Boris)
      • nested attributes (a.b.c) (Frank to ping on the bug)
      • support for trees (Matthew)
    • Start work on a new 1.5-specific plugin in the Eclipse Platform incubator (Matt to draft a proposal, work with Peter and Boris). See also bug 197798.
  • Random List of other bugs we want to tackle for M4
    • bug 208858 better support for moves in observable lists -- Boris
    • bug 180746 TextObservableValue should take a delay-argument -- Boris

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