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JET FAQ What does "Error: Feature 'version' not found." mean?


I launched my Jet transformation on an EMF Model and an error occurred : "Error: Feature 'version' not found.". What does it mean ?


Jet2 loads the EMF model when a transformation is ran. The version feature refers to xmi:version on top node of your model.

<... xmi:version="2.0" ...>

It is likely that if you launch your transformation in its workspace, this error does not happen. But if you run the Jet transformation in a runtime workspace, you'll have to precise Jet which model loader it should use for making a memory representation of your model.

For that :

1.Open plugin.xml in your Jet project

2.Open org.eclipse.jet.transform extension point

3.Edit transform element and set modelLoader to org.eclipse.jet.emf

By default, the model loader is configured for plain XML.

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