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JET FAQ How do I use JMerge to manage user specific code?


The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) includes a facility called JMerge for merging generated Java source into existing user edited Java classes. How do I make use of JMerge in JET?


Using JMerge in JET templates, it is pretty straight forward. You do the following:

  1. Place a <java:merge/> tag somewhere in the template generating a java class
  2. In the template, any Java element (class, method, field, ...) that you want to be updated by JMerge, add a @generated tag in the element's Java doc.
  3. Invoke the template from a <ws:file> or <java:class> tag.

The <java:merge> tag has an effect if the file being written has a .java or .properties extension. See JET FAQ How does JMerge work?.

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