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JEE Status Meetings/2009-10-01


  • Carl Anderson
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Rob Stryker


Java EE 6

The Java EE 6 facets are in!!!

Java EE Tools plan
EJB Tools plan
List of Java EE 6 bugs that need to be rolled into the WTP 3.2 plan

Flexible Modules

Replace Existing JavaEE Dependencies page
Bugs marked with the Flexible Modules whiteboard entry

Other topics


Carl - Kaloyan, thanks for getting the Java EE 6 facets in

Kaloyan - There was a problem with one JUnit

Carl - I already released the plugin version id update part of bug 252615. I need to have Jason and Chuck review the models themselves before I commit them.

Review of the plans

Kaloyan - A coworker is working on removing the actions in the metadata - bug 289767 - but that will tentatively make it for M3

Carl - the initial plan for Helios is due tomorrow

Carl - Flexible modules/Module assembly page. I will commit/release bug 282269 today.

Update from Chuck: I also began working on the content provider for the module assembly, and added icons for the existing base contributions, but need to still work on api for providing an icon from a custom resolver.

Rob: I need to address the getName() vs getDeployedName() issue soon. Other than that, we are moving right along, fixing bugs as they pop up

Carl - EAR lib setting - I need to open a separate bug to cover replacing the current Java EE Module Dependency function with a separate action/dialog. (We do not want this functionality on the Module Assembly page.)

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