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JEE Status Meetings/2009-01-29


  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Carl Anderson
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Kiril Mitov


  1. Java EE 6 in Galileo
    • XML Schemas are still not published


Java EE 6 support in Galileo
The Java EE 6 XML Schemas are going to be published most likely somewhere in June 2009, which is months after Galileo feature freeze on March 20
The XML Schemas are the input for generating the Java EE 6 models. There is no sense to provide any Java EE 6 support at all without these models. Therefore, the enhancement in bug 252613 will be reverted from HEAD.
We should not wait for June 2010 for the next feature release. We could release the next version of WTP by the end of 2009, where Java EE 6 support will be provided.
We should avoid branching in the CVS as much as possible. We could start this end-year release as soon as Galileo is released and postpone development on the post-Galileo simultaneous release until the end-year release is finalized. This schedule should be discussed in the PMC.
Focus on Galileo
There is lots to be done in the Java EE 5 field and we should concentrate on this in M6.
Write mode for Java EE 5 models
Enhancements in the Java EE Module Dependencies page.
Ease of Use theme in the plan

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