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JEE Status Meetings/2008-12-11


  • Carl Anderson
  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Dimitar Giormov
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Kiril Mitov


  1. Java EE 6 in Galileo
    • facets 252613
    • EMF models 252615
    • Upgrade EE spec level 194926
    • Wizard extensibility 252618
    • import/export & binary support 258191
    • Other modules for EE 6 tolerance:
      • Java EE Modules Dependency page
      • deploy
      • builders
      • validators
      • any other place that has a switch statement on the JEE version


Java EE 6
  • SAP team can do this for Galileo M5
  • new facet version should be defined
  • the existing facet install delegates should be improved to work properly with the new facet versions.
upgrade EE spec level
  • We cannot commit this for now
  • perhaps mark it as helpwanted
EMF models:
  • IBM team will do this for M6
  • the existing EE 5 models will be extended to cover the EE 6 specs
EJB 3.1 in WAR - out of scope for Galileo
wizard extensibility
  • SAP team will analyze this and will make as much as possible for M6
  • this topic should be discussed in more details in future meetings
import/export of EE 6 modules/archives
  • IBM team will do this for M6
Java EE Module Dependencies page
  • SAP team will do this for M6
  • Lib Dir in classpath
    • there is a bug opened for this: 255243
    • SAP team will try to work on this for Ganymede SR2.
DD trees
  • a bug should be opened
  • we will analyze this in more details in future meetings
deploy, builder, validator
  • a single enhancement should be opened
  • further analysis needed
  • validators - perhaps mark it as helpwanted, adopters can provide their own.
SAP team will not be available for smoke testing for the two weeks between Dec 22 and Jan 04.

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