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JEE Status Meetings/2008-10-02


  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Carl Anderson
  • Kaloyan Raev


  1. Discuss important 3.0.3 bugs
    • Get rid of .JETEmitter project in workspace 249347
  2. 3.1 plan
    • define themes
    • review untargeted enhancements


Discuss important 3.0.3 bugs
Get rid of .JETEmitter project in workspace 249347
There is no guarantee that there is no adopter that does not rely on overriding JET templates in the .JETEmitter project. It is not safe to just switch to statically compiled templates. A safer solution would be to provide an option for adopters to choose statically compiled templates, but the default should be the dynamic approach with having the .JETEmitter project as it is now.
We don't have an idea for a patch for the moment, but this looks to be a quite big change for the 3.0.3 release. Our next step should be to ask for PMC approval before going on.
3.1 plan
define themes
We need to define the themes for the standardized Galileo plan.
There is theme "Ease of Use" that comes from Eclipse Roadmap. We can classify all our usability enhancement to this theme.
Another theme should be "Java EE 6" for all the enhancement related to the Java EE 6 support.
We think we do not need other themes for the moment. Any bugs that are not related to usability or Java EE 6 should be left in the "Other" theme.
review untargeted enhancements
We should finish triaging Java EE Tools enhancements soon and jump to the Common Tools ones that are related to Java EE.
There is a big set of ProjectStructure enhancements rely on changes in the Platform. We have to think how to proceed with them. Maybe close them all and address them as one major enhancement.

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