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JEE Status Meetings/2008-08-28


  • Chuck Bridgham
  • Kaloyan Raev
  • Kiril Mitov
  • Carl Anderson
  • Jason Sholl


  1. 2 JEE JUnits constantly failing this week
  2. 3.1 plan


2 JEE JUnits constantly failing this week
The tests start failing on Sunday, August 24
Most probably a bug was uncovered with the changed made for bug 244086.
Kiril continues investigating.
Smoke testing should not be stopped because of these failing tests.
3.1 plan
There are two new links to Bugzilla reports on the main wiki page. See the On focus section.
There are 52 untargeted enhancements in the Java EE Tools project that we should review and eventually promote some of them to the 3.1 plan.
Kaloyan will send a list that distributes the untargeted enhancements between Chuck, Carl, Kaloyan and Kiril. He will also think about how to mark those which we have reviewed, but neither promote them to the plan, nor close them as invalid.

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