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JDT Core/Plan/4.8/JEP323

Planning page for JDT Implementation of Local Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters (JEP 323) for Java 11

Main tracking bug: To Create

Compiler changes

Changes regarding the compiler:

Grammar changes

Local Variable syntax is already supported in 18.3 via JEP 286 Support. Expecting that the addition of var keyword may not be a big issue for lambda parameters - hopefully no conflicts - to check. effort/time estimate for grammar for around a week (assuming conflicts)

Type checking

  • Determine the type of the var declaration - This should not be an issue since the type is already inferred of type-elided lambda parameters. - still giving a couple of days to iron out issues, if any.

Error reports

  • similar to type-elided params.

Code generation

Shouldn't be much work since the code gen will not be different from existing ones.

Java Search support

no change expected.

DOM support

no change expected.

Content Assist support

  • option of providing var at lambda -(2d?)

UI Changes

  • Switch ASTs to JLS11 (generic - 1d)

Code hover

  • Show inferred type of variable - no change expected


  • Allow JDT UI to target Java 11 in Compiler Preferences - generic (1d in parallel)

Quick fixes

  • Convert 'var' into the resolved type
  • Convert type elided lambda param to var (what's the use anyway?) (3days for the above combined)

Code templates

  • Use 'var' in templates for lambdas? - 3 days

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