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J2EE Smoke Test


Install a J2EE-compatible server, such as JOnAS or WebSphere Add the server in Window->Preferences...->Server->Installed Runtimes Install the XDoclet support (1.2.1, 1.2.2, or 1.2.3) Add the XDoclet support in Window->Preferences...->XDoclet Expand the XDoclet node and configure the ejbdoclet and webdoclet support for your installed server(s).

Verify the following function:

Create resources
Create a web project, targeted at a server
Create a servlet inside the project - Java Package of test, specify a name, and select "Generate an annotated servlet class file"
Create a JSP inside the project - file name index.jsp
Add the following text into the body: <body>This is the Smoke Test.</body>
Ensure it builds and is targeted to a server correctly
Create an EAR project, targeted at a server
Create an EJB project, targeted at a server
Add EJB to an EAR
Bring up the Properties dialog of the EAR project
Select J2EE Modules
Check the checkbox next to the EJB project name
Press OK
Add a bean to the EJB project
Create a new XDoclet Enterprise JavaBean as a Session Bean in package test
Verify the EAR module in the navigator
Expand the EAR - verify that there is a node for the deployment descriptor.
Expand the deployment descriptor node- verify that there are "Modules" and "Utility JARs" nodes
Expand the Modules node - verify that the EJB reference is shown
Export the projects
Export the web project - verify that the deployment descriptor, Servlet class, and libraries are included in the WAR.
Export the EJB project - verify that all of the classes and the deployment descriptor are included in the EJB JAR.
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