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IoT/Testbeds/Asset Tracking Management

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  • Speedeliver Inc. is a package delivery company that wants to improve its handling of fragile and valuable assets (too many parcels are lost or damaged ⇒ $$$ in compensations each year)
  • They want to start collecting and analyzing data such as parcel temperature, location, … in realtime
  • Airports, trucks and warehouses are heterogeneous environments, acquiring & reporting data is complex.


  • Red Hat
  • Samsung
  • <tbc>

Proposed solution

  • Low-power, battery-powered, sensors are put on valuable parcels to monitor key parameters such as temperature, humidity, vibration, location…
  • IoT Gateways are used to simplify the integration of various kinds of sensors as well as to provide connectivity in heterogenous environments (e.g airports, delivery trucks, …)
  • The gateway enables real-time data reporting to a cloud backend, but local business rules can also be deployed at the edge for e.g alerting a driver of a problem with a parcel.
  • The IoT Cloud platform allows to store the collected data and learn from it over time (e.g predict under which conditions packages are more likely to be damaged).

Eclipse IoT Testbed -1 - Asset tracking - architecture.png

Featured Eclipse projects

  • Eclipse Kura
  • Eclipse Kapua
  • Eclipse Paho
  • <tbc>

Featured member products and offers

  • <tbc>

Extension points

If you work for a member company and/or if you're interested in demonstrating how your IoT solutions can integrate with the testbed, here are a few ideas to build on and extend the core use case:

  • Additional gateways (Eclipse Kura-based or not)
  • Additional sensors
  • Security/Identity management
  • Mobile application
  • Business rules in the backend
  • IIoT/SCADA integration (ex. OPC-UA)
  • Alternative OS, JVM, … for optimized performance

Next steps

The plan would be to unveil the testbed during Red Hat Summit 2017, May 2-5 in Boston, MA.

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