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We are currently planning next year’s Eclipse IoT events and programs. We wanted to share them with you so you could plan to include the ones that interest your company in your budget for 2018.

The list below is for planning purposes, we will send out more details for each event and program throughout the year. Please note that all prices listed are estimates.

  • Event Sponsorship
    • IoT Day US ($3,000 - $5,000) Spring
    • EclipseCon France (€2,000 - €6,000) June
    • IoT Day @ThingMonk ($3,000) September
    • EclipseCon Europe (€1,200 - €16,000) End of October

For EclipseCon France and EclipseCon Europe, please contact Perri Lavergne if you have any questions or concerns at perri.lavergne at eclipse-foundation dot org

  • Program Sponsorship
    • Open IoT Challenge $1,500
    • Advertising in IoT and Eclipse Newsletter) $5,000
  • Free Programs
    • Virtual IoT Meetup
    • Case Studies
    • IoT Developer Survey 2018
    • Eclipse IoT Newsletter

Email us iot at eclipse dot org

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