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IoT/M2MIWG/IoT Interop

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This page will serve as the landing page for discussions on Internet of Things Interoperability.


The general problem we're trying to solve -

HyperCat is an open, lightweight JSON-based hypermedia catalogue format for exposing collections of URIs. Each HyperCat catalogue may expose any number of URIs, each with any number of RDF-like triple statements about it. HyperCat is simple to work with and allows developers to publish linked-data descriptions of resources.

HyperCat is designed for exposing information about IoT assets over the web. It allows a server to provide a set of resources to a client, each with a set of semantic annotations. Implementers are free to choose or invent any set of annotations to suit their needs. A set of best practices and tools are currently under development. Where implementers choose similar or overlapping semantics, the possibilities for interoperability are increased.

HyperCat's metadata semantics are very flexible to allow problem owners and domain experts to define their own tags.

HyperCat's public home is the 1248 wiki [1].

The HyperCat specification [2]

Example catalogues [3]

HyperCat was developed as part of the UK TSB Internet Demonstrator Project 2013-2014.

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