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Integration of JAX-WS RI


To integrate JAX-WS RI as jaxws runtime to STP project.


1. Create a jaxws project with this kind of runtime.
2. Generate java classes from wsdl using the tools provided by this runtime.
3. Generate wsdl from SEI using the tools provided by this runtime.


The solution is very similar to CXF runtime integration.

Runtime Model

The new runtime model will be used. Please refer to

Main tasks:

1. Add a new runtime type. (Johnson will do this.)
2. Extend the runtime provider extension point to support this runtime type.


There are two generators: java2wsdl and wsdl2java. The solution is using command line method to invoke the related generator tools provided by the runtime. It is the same as what is described in the follow wiki page:


Preference page

Only one selection for user on this page: soap1.1 or soap1.2. This selection will determine which version of SOAP to be used when invoking the generators.

wsdl2java parameter setting page

The following parameters can be set on this page:

Output directory: Specify where to place generated output files.
Binding File: Specify external JAX-WS or JAXB binding files.
Verbose: Output messages about what the compiler is doing.
May be more or less...

Known Issues

1. Jaxws-ri can only genrate wsdl from SEI implementation.
2. Jaxws-ri cannot generate server or client code.

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