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Incubator Hatching

Deprecated. Please don't edit or link to this document.

This page has been not be replaced by anything. The basic ideas are sound, but we never got past a brief discussion and it has never been part of any of our processes. Incubator graduation is governed entirely by the Eclipse rules and guidelines.


WTP is currently hosting several incubator projects:

  • JSF Tools
  • Dali JPA Tools
  • AJAX Tools Framework

It would therefore be a good idea if we spelled out what we expect from these projects so they can "hatch" into full-fledged components of WTP.

Some initial thoughts on this topic were discussed on the WTP PMC mailing list.

WTP's internal reviews are in addition to the formal EMO-hosted reviews specified as part of the Eclipse Development Process.

Hatching Checklist

The following list contains some proposed criteria for hatching. This list is completely informal at the moment and is posted here for the purposes of discussion.

  1. The code should be of good quality and all proposed API should have Javadoc.
  2. There should be a suite of JUnit tests that provide adequate coverage.
  3. The builds should be integrated into the WTP build infrastructure and the JUnits should run and pass. This implies the code will be upgraded to the current WTP level and will track WTP weekly, i.e. I-builds succeed. Both update sites and "all-in-one-zip" packaging must be supported.
  4. There should be tutorials and they should be clear enough so that even a PMC member can follow them successfully. :-)
  5. PMC members (and other members of WTP) should evaluate the code based on the tutorials and report favorably.
  6. There should be a committer vote and it should pass favourably when the project is ready to hatch.
  7. All contribution questionnaires must be on file and IP status must be integrated with the WTP IP log, along with committer and contribution records.

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