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Improve Usability : Plug-ins / Search

Themes and Priorities : Improve Usability for users of EPIC to make it easier to find/search plug-ins and relevant information

Working Group Members : Nathan Gervais, Ian Skerrett, Jens Eckles, Eric Clayburg

Homepage :

  • Increase the visibility of plug-in catalog on the homepage of epic
    • Add a drop-down that contains all the plugin categories to the homepage [DONE]
  • Ideally it should only take 2 clicks to get to a plugin from the homepage. [DONE]
  • Create more ways to give plugins exposure on the homepage [DONE]
    • Increase Top Rated / Most Active / New and Updated Lists from 10 to 20
    • Show lists based on 3/6/12 months instead of lifetime

Search Page : [DONE] [Time: High]

  • Move the search box to a more prominent location on home page [Postpone]
  • Search results should be more focused on plug-ins rather then FAQs, Comments, News, etc. [DONE]
  • Seperate search types, so that more refined searches can be done.
    • Search by License type
    • Search by Eclipse Version
    • Search by ratings

Plugin Category Page:

  • Show more details on the plugin category pages. [DONE]
    • Display first 50 words of the description
    • Display License type
    • Display Eclipse Version
    • Display Rating
  • Show Top Rated / Most Active / New and Updated based on category [DONE]
  • Allow users to filter the category sections by License, Eclipse Version [Postpone]

Plugin Page:

  • Show Top Rated / Most Active / New and Updated based on category [DONE]
  • Show Comments on the plugin pages. [DONE]

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