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Idemix Provider

{{#eclipseproject:technology.higgins|eclipse_custom_style.css}} This page provides information about the Idemix Provider interface for the Higgins project.

Idemix has been contributed to the Higgins Project by the security and cryptography group at IBM Zurich Research Lab.

What is Idemix?

Idemix is an anonymous credential system. Essentially, it is a method that organizations use to issue credentials to users and a method that users use to show their credentials to organizations. These two operations, issue and show, are designed to provide maximum privacy and anonymity for the user. As an example, using Idemix, it is possible for a user to prove that she has a credential asserting some property without revealing *anything* else about that user.

Where does Idemix fit into the Higgins Framework?

The Idemix provider is a plugin to the Token Service.

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