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ICE November 2016 Status Meetings


Robert - Resolving miscellaneous bugs in ICE (Oomph profile, incorrect version numbers, and JAXB problem with Job Profiles.)


Jay - Working on ICEMAN. Looking into UI frameworks. Setting up new team.
Alex - Working on ICEMAN.
Hilda- Setting up Eclipse and Github accounts. Cloning ICE repo.
Robert - Trying to create working ICE executable with ADIOS running.


Jay - This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Greg- Updating PTP to Oxygen. Getting top level science project going. Getting Texlipse project started.
Robert - Creating P2 repo with Adios Java bindings for EAVP.


Robert - Fixing bug in Job Profiles for Windows. Creating P2 repo with Adios Java bindings for EAVP.


Robert - Investigating changes to the maven build to change the launching script on Man. Creating P2 repo for Adios Java Bindings for EAVP.


Robert - Debugging problem with Eclipse being unable to find external jars on library path.


Hilda - Reading documentation for FERN demo from XSEDE and setting up Fedora 24 testing environment.
Robert - Debugging problem with xml persistence for ICE Items.


Robert - Debugging problem with xml persistence for ICE Items. Helping Wael's team with a problem visualizing files with EAVP's VisIt support.


Jay - Working on VIBE release. Fixed persistance bog. Getting ICE's core running as a remote OSGI service.
Greg - Working on PTP release. Working on remote proxy code.
Hilda - Completed reading documentation and installation on ICE for Windows 10.
Robert - Working on VIBE docker image for ICE with VisIt rendering.


Jay - Working on RNET project.
Hilda - Completed ICE installation on all three operating systems. Getting more familiar with code and entering bugs on Github.
Robert - Trying to fix VisIt problem in VIBE docker.


Greg - Working on ICE proxy code. Updating next branch to work with Oxygen.
Robert - Helping with VIBE release. Fixing problem with EAVP build artifacts.


Greg - Getting ICE to build against Oxygen.
Hilda - Reviewed Fedora installation problem. Entered issues into Github bug. Continued getting familiar with code and documentation.
Robert - Working on bugs from VIBE release and Hilda.


Jay - Project planning.
Greg - Working on getting ICE to work with Oxygen.
Hilda - Working on fixing documentation bugs. Getting familiar with version control using Git.
Robert - Working on various bugs in ICE. Trying to get ICE running in noVNC. Adding new components to VIBE Item.


Robert - Fixing bug with target where the wrong Nattable version is being downloaded. Fixing bug with VIBE Key-Value importing. Adding/updating tests for VIBE and other UI pieces.

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