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ICE Known Issues

This page contains lists all of the issues that we know about in ICE and are currently investigating. These issues are not necessarily bugs. They may represent missing capabilities altogether. Normally, though, they are bugs that we know about and are actively trying to fix. If you see an issue on this page that is affecting you, please do not file a bug report. Instead, send an email to billingsjj <at> ornl <dot> gov and let us know that the issue matters to you.


ReactorAnalyzers are not persisted in ICE 2.2.1. We're hoping to re-deploy this capability in an upcoming release. All of your reactor data is still fine in the HDF5 files.

Opening a persisted Reflectivity Model will cause bugs with the Item's UI. A work around is to close the editor, then re-open the Item from the Item Viewer in the ICE perspective instead.

Job Launchers

Only some of our JobLaunchers allow users to tailor the number of MPI processes and OpenMP threads, even though jobs created with the editor allow default values for these to be specified. Jobs created by the Job Profile Editor should still work, but the choice of whether or not parallel launch is enabled for other apps is fixed.


Most of the issues in our MultiLauncher come from the fact that it is heavily threaded. The multilauncher sometimes fails on jobs where multiple remote jobs are executed.

Reactor Analyzer

  • Reactor Analyzers are not currently persisted because writing an LWR to a database or XML file would be a huge amount of duplicated work since it is already stored in an HDF5 file.
  • The ReactorAnalyzer may take some time to load large ICE-IO .h5 files, particularly when there are multiple assemblies. On this desktop (Intel Xeon 3 GHz, 6 GB RAM), it takes approximately 12 seconds to read in each assembly for CASL problem 5 (quarter-core symmetry with 56 assemblies, each 17x17, with 6 data features, 1 axial level). We are looking into optimizing our file structure and access methods to reduce the loading time for such files.

    This is only a problem for LWRs. It is much more efficient for SFRs and we are in the process of enabling the fix for LWRs.
  • For Linux users using Redhat, creating a ReactorAnalyzer item can lead to some conflicts, including wreaking havoc on your GPU. Redhat seems to have trouble rendering items if it's not done in a certain order. We are working to resolve this.

Whole Platform

ICE may crash on versions of Fedora greater than or equal to 19 when the user tries to open the Resource Page (commonly named "Analysis Artifacts") because of some errors in the JNI code in SWT related to Webkit. There is a partial work around for this that will prevent the crash, but still will not show the content of the files. Add the following to the ICE.ini file in the ICE install directory:


This bug is documented by RedHat here.

ICE may also crash under CentOS. This can be caused by opening many different windows, and the only way to avoid further crashes is to not open that specific window again.

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