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ICE June 2017 Status Meetings


Robert - New employee orientation. Looking at build error. Testing oclimax scripts.


Jay - Looking at ICE paper feedback.
Greg - Working on RC3 for Oxygen. Working on Lab authentication system integration.
Robert - Fixing build. Working on ICEMAN tutorial.


Greg - Working on getting Spring security framework working with login authentication system.
Robert - Refactoring EAVP to use January p2 site. Starting work on RCP specific implementation packages for viz services.


Robert - Working on refactoring RCP implementations out of service interfaces. Continuing work on Preferences refactor.


Ben - Reading on SonaQube.
Greg - Working on Spring security and boot. Trying to refactor to use fewer JAR dependencies.
Robert - WOrking on Java VisIt Client build.


Ben - Reading through Head First Java book. Downloaded Docker.
Robert - Refactoring viz service interfaces to remove RCP specific implementation.


Ben - Going through FizzBuzz coding exercises.
Robert - Working on VisIt Java Client build issue with p2.


Ben - Working on FizzBuzz coding exercise.


Robert - Creating RCP specific CSV viz service implementation. Fixed ICE target.


Robert - Finishing up RCP CSV viz service.
Ben - Finished FizzBuzz project. Making MSSD model for Nintendo DS.

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